Sunday, 3 March 2013


I’m blogging for blogging’s sake.  How low is that?  Really, I just want to say that I’m still around.

It’s been a bit of a down-time for me in regard to endurance cycling.  Not totally intentional, but maybe a good thing.

After the Taupo race, a local coach suggested I should take some weeks off from cycling and then start again on building up base fitness.  He thought that I’d over-done a lot of my training last year and that a more structured, less hurried approach would be more effective.  In his opinion, my various colds and injuries last year tended to follow periods where my training had been upped a lot.  There may be something in that.

So, it’s been a relaxed start to the year.  Sadly, I’m not able to do the 505 km Graperide Ultimate in April, due to a clash with my niece’s wedding.  So there’s a good long build-up to the 640 km Taupo Maxi in November.  Then, next March they will have their first ever 1,010 km Graperide, which will be a stepping stone for the 1,280 km Extreme Enduro at Taupo later that year.  So, big plans and a slow, solid and effective build-up!  And I’m definitely ready!

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  1. Hi Andrew, All the best with the training.There will be a few of us from the 60/40 group doing the Graperide this weekend, had hoped to see you there. Cheers Iain