Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Strategy for the 2013 Maxi Enduro

I won't bore you with my more detailed plans for the Maxi, such as food, equipment, etc.  They haven't changed much from last year's plans, which can be found here:

However, you may be interested in my game plan.  In summary, it's about pacing, positive attitude, and relaxed riding style.  Here it is:

Throughout race:

  • Meet Helen every hour
  • Bottle of Perpeteum and bottle of water each stop
  • No stopping in Taupo
  • Stops to be fast
  • No rest stops planned, but be flexible on that
  • Helen to monitor me.  Also to take notes for future reference.
  • Pacing is the all-important theme of this race!

Lap 1 (Light and relaxed):

  • Theme of “Light and relaxed”.  Watch style/technique!
  • Pacing!  Ride at a pace I mean to continue with.
  • The measure off how well I do this is a genuinely cheerful “Hi” to Helen each time I see her.  If cramping, then I’m definitely failing on this!
  • But be efficient – make the full 4-lap average speed as high as possible.
  • Be happy!  Treat it as Sunday-drive equivalent.  Make sure I’m enjoying it.
  • Easy up the hills and rollers.
  • Don’t feel pressured to go fast up Kuretau and Waihi hills.
  • On flats, go fast, but with easy, efficient style.
  • Don’t be suckered into going fast along lake-front and through Taupo.  You’re on a Sunday jaunt!

Lap2 (Steady and efficient):

  • Theme is “Steady and efficient”.
  • It’s hurting now and you’re tired.  Keep a relaxed style going up the hills.  Keep mind steady and positive.
  • Eat up those kilometres, enjoying the interaction with Helen along the way.
  • Also enjoy the change from day to night.  Even enjoy the SH1 traffic.
  • Don’t race the No. 1 highway; just an easy and steady pace.

Lap 3 (I am happy):

  • Theme is “I am happy”.  I’m here because I want to be here.  I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be.
  • It’s all about achievement.  Just continue to eat up those kilometres, and do so with a smile on my face.
  • Light and easy mind.  It’s great to be doing what I’m doing!
  • Relax and ride through that pain and tiredness.
  • Every pedal is taking me on to the next milestone.  Positivity!
  • Enjoy the night.  Listen to the night sounds. 
  • Celebrate people I meet.  Everyone is friendly!
  • Breaks to be only for stretches, toilet, and bottle change.  Only 2-3 minutes.  If need break, stand up off the seat! 

Lap 4: (You’re a hero)

  • Theme is “You’re a hero”.
  • Sub-theme no. 1 is “Act like a hero then … and race!”  Look like the athlete I am!
  • Sub-theme no. 2 is “Acknowledge and feed off all the praise and support I will get.  This is the celebration lap!”
  • The final lap is one of other people – talk to them; accept their praise; interact with them; encourage them in their own efforts; enjoy their company.
  • Show off!  And just go get that prize!!!
  • But keep your mind focussed.  Remember, this is a race!
  • Practically speaking, keep the food intake up and … keep hydrated!
  • If possible, join bunches.  If too fast, let them go.
  • Ride through the pain

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